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RENT-BMW.LT - is not only a car rent company, but also a car club, which unites hundreds of BMW lovers.


7 reasons to choose RENT-BMW.LT

We work and grow to make You remeber us, when You need a car.


Tesla Could Have Been Lying About Its Absurdly High Production Goals

A January 2017 application for sales tax exemption filed for the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Agency program.


10 different types of traffic radars you'll find on UAE roads:

Thousands of radars are deployed across the UAE, either installed at traffic signals or on the streets to detect speeding drivers.


10 Ingredients in the Great Relationship Recipe

I am limited in my ability to cook, but one recipe that I like to think I understand pretty well is one that turns out a happy, healthy relationship.


BMW M8 presentation in Geneva

BMW is having a rather interesting line-up at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.


BMW Nazca M12 Price: $1.1 million – $3 million

The Nazca M12 concept car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Italdesign in 1991 but never went into production.


Open-top high-performance BMW automobiles

For three decades now, the open-top high-performance sports car from the BMW M GmbH has combined precise handling and exhilarating dynamics